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Integration of Travel Booking Engine with Web:

Hola Sun is one of the prominent Cuban tour operators. They were looking to design and integrate their web with the online tour operator booking engine. They awarded the project to Systelligence.

MLM Integration with E-Commerce Web:

Time Reverse Inc. is the inventor and producer of skin care and healthy living products. They market their products on shopping channels in many countries; France, USA, England, Canada, Germany are few to name. They wanted to tap into the growing market of online shoppers. They also wanted to introduce MLM (Multi Level Marketing) plan to be integrated seamlessly with their web store. Systelligence designed and developed e-commerce web sites of their products. We also analyzed and researched various MLM programs and suggested a feasible program for them. Both webs of Time Reverse have been implemented with full e-commerce functionality, integrated with MLM commission and order processing, in April 2005.

Work Order & Preventive Maintenance Upgrade:

Dana Corporation of Canada is one of the major manufacturers of automobile products in the world. Their products are used by every major vehicle producer on the globe. Manufacturing plant of Niagara region was experiencing difficulties with their current work order and preventive maintenance system. Systelligence corrected bugs in the current system and built more functions to provide better and efficient reporting selection and viewing capabilities. We are currently working with Dana to further enhance system capabilities and its integration with other systems.

Airport Parking Lot Management:

Park To Fly is one of the major valet parking lot for Orlando Airport in Florida, USA. They had custom application to manage their business. The application always experienced breakdown as their business grew and transaction volume increased. The application also did not implement an essentially needed security system. Systelligence engineered complete security system and integrated it with current application. As well, we removed all operational bugs from the old application. Currently, we are working them in providing RFID based application to their expanded self-serve service. This application will involve interfacing old application with automated gates and self help kiosk for frequent parker club members.

E.R.P Analysis and Acquisition:

Naghi Corporation of Saudi Arabia was looking for an E.R.P solution to implement at its GOLD STAR electronic distribution stores. They hired Systelligence to analyze their requirements and research an E.R.P solution which would meet their needs. On Systelligence’s recommendation, the E.R.P solution was acquired from a New York based company and implemented within weeks. This solution is still in production in their Gold Star electronic stores.

BOSS (Billing and Order Support System)

Our consultants were placed at telecommunication giant Bell Atlantic, Boston, USA, to maintain and support the online customer Billing and Order processing system. Systelligence consultants participated in some of their major initiatives in streamlining their business. We converted batch based components to 24/7 so the system would not need to be stopped for batch processing at night; implemented area code split affecting 6 states; played principal role in merging two IMS regions into one.

Parking Lot control with RFID

Systelligence with its leading positioning in enterprise solutions provider, introduces its best-of-its-kind parking management solutions. Our comprehensive suite includes solutions for parking booking both online and office, e-commerce payment processing, ticket generation, customer alerts and financial management reporting.

TMS (Toyota Management System)

One of prestigious USA consulting company, Keane Inc., hired our principal consultant to fulfill their undelivered commitments, leading to cancellation, of out-sourced project from Toyota USA. Commitments were delivered and Keane relationship was re-established with Toyota USA in about 6 months.

Y2K Compliance at Fidelity (Build 2000)

Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA seeked assistance from our principal consultant on their Y2K projects. Our consultant worked with Fidelity for 2 and half years until project was implemented in December 2000.

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