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Systelligence Transportation and Logistics System

Systelligence TLS Enterprise Resource Planning system is a full life cycle management system for Courier, trucking, logistics and freight forwarders. This is a user friendly solution and has been designed with the collaboration of transportation business communities. It has 100s of users in Canada.

Systelligence Transportation E.R.P system delivers end-to-end solution to Transportation Courier and Trucking Industry. The visual dispatching module allows you to see loads that have not been dispatched, loads in transit, loads that have been delivered. You can see them all in color coding or you can see them separately on the screen. Split windows on the same screen also let you see your available equipment, on the road equipment and number of loads assigned to a unit on the road or in the lot. As units pick up and deliver the loads, information is reflected right on the dispatcher screen. You can also configure the system to send a message to your customer through an email and/or a popup window on their screen to let them know that their load has been delivered.

You can also implement to have notification generated via an email and/or popup window message on your screen from your broker when they enter a load order for you in their system. Unlike other transportation/trucking software, you never have to go out of this solution to perform any financial activities. This solution has its own integrated financial modules like General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and Banking. You can apply payments against individual invoices or you can direct the software to apply against the most recent or oldest invoices on its own. You can create multiple bank accounts and deposit to any of accounts. The system can create a statement for all invoices or unpaid invoices only. Monthly statement with balance forward can also be generated. In addition, you can create, assign and apply term discounts at the payment entry time or in bulk as batch.

Fundamentally, the system has four integrated components:
  • 1. Dispatch and Office Management
  • 2. Web portal for online Order and Customer Information
  • 3. Mobile Two Way paging
  • 4. Global Positioning System (GPS)/Fleet Management and Tracking
Dispatch and Office Management has the following further features:
  • - Customers
  • - Orders
  • - Pricing
  • - Warehousing/Docking
  • - Accounts Receivables
  • - Accounts Payables
  • - General Ledger
  • - And much more
Online Web Portal offers the following:
  • - Tracking of shipments
  • - Order Entry
  • - Order History
  • - Invoice History
  • - Online Payment via Paypal or Credit Card
  • - Customer Address Book
  • - POD/Signature view
  • - And more
Mobile Two Way paging offers the following:
  • -Driver access allows Accept, Pick and Deliver orders to Drivers
  • -Dispatcher access has Drivers functions, Dispatching of orders and Searching of Orders
  • -Admin access has Drivers, Dispatcher and Financial functions
  • -Map and Direction of Pickup and Delivery Locations
  • -Tracking of Mobile Device
Vehicle Tracking
  • - Location Tracking
  • - Engine status
  • - Three months or more Route History
  • - 1 minute or less location updates
  • - Reports
  • - Speed
  • - Stops
  • - Route
  • - Idle running
  • - Etc.
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